Tasker Android 5.8.3

Tasker is an application that makes the most of the fact that Android is a fully customizable operating system to automate different tasks on our smartphone or tablet. Just like with IFTTT, thanks to this APK, we can schedule different actions depending on certain contexts.

Expand your control over all your phone’s functions.

The possibilities are almost endless. With more than 200 actions built into the application, and the chance to use plug-ins, you can schedule events to happen at certain times of the day, under certain conditions or when you open a particular application.

Examples of tasks automated with Tasker

  • Open a music app when a microSD card is inserted.
  • Mute your phone after 8 p.m.
  • Increase the screen’s brightness in the morning.
  • Enable the text-to-speech function when an SMS is received.
  • Change the wallpaper every day.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications.

*** This Is An Extension To The App ‘Tasker’ ***
*** You Cannot Launch It ***
*** You Cannot Use It Without The latest Tasker version ***

Create your own apps for fun and profit! Astound friends and family with your development abilities!

– generate an app from a task or project in less than 10 seconds
– no programming required
– no Internet connection required
– Tasker not required after app creation
– app can be distributed or sold (e.g. on Play Store) however you like

* Disclaimer *

Tasker App Factory is not guaranteed to work with all future versions of Android. Specifically, Google may make changes which make on-device app creation impossible.

* More Info *

* Mini FAQ *

Q: Can I create apps with profiles and/or scenes ?
A: Yes, read the More Info link

Q: Did you know App Factory is crashing on Lollipop ?
A: Yes, an update is due start of December

Tasker is designed to provide a range of actions on an Android smart device that depend on the context, such as location of the user or the time of day.

The Contextualised Task-Based App

Offered with a seven day free trial period to get used to its large number of functions, Tasker is an app that automates many of the things we do on our smart devices. It runs in a way that takes into account your habits and the changing ways you might use other apps. For example, it will lower the screen brightness at night time and offer a prolonged screen time when you are using your device for reading. When it is first used in the morning, the software can open up your device with a favourite app, such as the local traffic report or weather. You can use it to make a regular backup of a file on an SD card without having to think about it. Furthermore, it will show a pop-up alert when a text arrives from a family member, but not from business contacts depending on your preference. It’ll even send you birthday reminders amongst many other virtual personal assistant type of tasks.

Get Tasker to Help

Overall, Tasker is designed to offer nothing more than assistance for things you could do for yourself quite easily. Therefore, it will appeal to forgetful people or those who have an interest in the possibilities of algorithmic automation.

* Permissions Notes *

– READ_CONTACTS is required to be able to include contact thumbnails in the created app, and then only if specified by the user
– WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required to put the new app on external storage (note: on some devices, ‘external storage’ is non-removable, which is also fine)
– WAKE_LOCK is required to stop the device sleeping while the app is being created
– created apps do not necessarily have these permissions, only the ones needed for the functions they use  

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